Welcome to Cultural Cloth

Welcome to Cultural Cloth: Exploring and Expressing Our Cultural Histories. I hope you will return again and again, as Cultural Cloth workshop participants share their work and experiences. We have plenty of space for comments, and welcome your input into the ongoing discussion of diversity in America.

Through creativity, conversation and presentation, Cultural Cloth, the workshop, utilizes fiber collage, to entice group discussion. Fiber is present in every culture. We all feel fabric against our skin in clothing, and in our beds as we sleep. Fibers serves to frame the view out our windows and as a barrier between our feet and a cold floor. The touch of fiber is as natural as taking a breath, a breath adorned with custom, tradition and imagination.

While creatCMMAG members collaging thier heritageing the collage, group members share their thoughts and experiences of the effects of cultural diversity in their lives. The topics vary and derived from the subjects being explored in the art.  Participants may talk about a personal experience, tell the immigration story of an ancestor, or the successes and failures of diversity in their community. Asking questions of each other, misconceptions and stereotypes are addressed in a non-threatening environment.

Through exhibiting the art work completed in the workshop, the conversation moves out of the workshop, into the community. When we are free to just talk about our experiences, we are free to change the way we think about race, ethnicity and multiculturalism right at home, in the communities we live and work in every day.

Please take a few moments to explore this site and enjoy our galleries.  E Pluribus Unum II: Cultures in Cloth, the Quiltart.com challenge exhibit of art quilts celebrating the U.S. motto is available for venues throughout America.  Student works from the workshops are now showing in the Cultural Cloth Gallery.

Your comments and questions are welcome.  Please contact me with any questions.  You are encouraged to leave comments about any aspect of this site in the comment sections.

I look forward to learning about your story.

Culturally Yours,

Ann Flaherty

3 Responses

  1. It looks like your student have a wonderful time! Having been in your presence in the past – I KNOW they spent time laughing along with your dry humor. Thanks for being a generous person!

  2. Really enjoyed the Cultural Cloth workshop. Great opportunity to combine my heritage with my artwork. Loved seeing the variety of artwork that came from the same stimulus. Also impressed that the workshop was applicable to individuals with a broad range of skills, not just skilled artists.

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