Crystal Coast Quilters Host E Pluribus Unum II

Crystal Coast Ponders the Wonders of E Pluribus Unum

What is better than viewing great art quilts? Viewing them against the backdrop of the ocean on a beautiful Spring day with blue skies and a lovely breeze!

What a pleasure it was to see E Pluribus Unum II: Cultures in Cloth showing at the Crystal Coast Quilters Guild 28th

Roots by Louisa Smith

Annual Show in Morehead City, NC. Enhanced by the lovely black drape, enough room was allocated to allow for viewers to experience each work individually.
I had to opportunity to speak with visitors about the exhibit, and as I hoped, they shared their own stories of becoming American either through ancestry or personally. With a parent, grandparent, or ancestor that overcame great challenges to become American, or through good old fashioned ingenuity, each left a mark on this country that deserves remembrance.

Many had questions about the variety of techniques used in the art quilts: How did Sandra Betts create that holographic image? What kind of paint was used? Those beads are just perfect against the macrame!

The required photo-transfer images in each work were as diverse as the quilts themselves. Visitors marveled the work from various angles, noting the effects created both up close and afar.

From Sea to Shining Sea by CCQG Member Laurie Mayo

Hanging with the exhibit were quilted collages created by members of the Crystal Coast Quilters Guild in the Cultural Cloth: Exploring and Expressing Our Cultural Histories a couple of months before the show. The works are amazing, and highlight the intent of this project: to celebrate through an artful and insightful manner, the many ways Americans came to Americans.

Heritage is important to Americans, individually and collectively. It is the independent individual who continues the American Independence.

To see more images of the E Pluribus Unum II and Cultural Cloth quilts from the Crystal Coast Quilters Guild show, please visit Cultural Cloth on Facebook .  Contact to learn about bringing E Pluribus Unum II and Cultural Cloth to your guild or community.  As always, please leave a comment below.


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