The Artists of EPU II Traveling Exhibit

Below is a list of artists and the quilts they made to travel with E Pluribus Unum II:  Cultures in Cloth.  While not all the quilts made for the challenge were able to travel with the exhibit, they can all be viewed along with the artist statements at the challenge page.

Kimberly Baxter Packwood — Amber Waves of Grain

Beth Berghoff — Shalom

Sandra Betts — My Father

Paet Burcham — Achill

Sonia Callahan — Cultural Collage

Rita Cruz — To Survive Hitler

Phyllis Cullen — Tikkum Olam (Healing the World)

Wendy Ferguson-Whitehead — From Down Under

Ann Flaherty — City Girl

Ann Flaherty — Vincenzo

Karen Fridy — Lessons Learned

Suzanne Gegna — St. Basil’s Cathedral

Lisa Gorski — Alias Grandfather

Jane Kimball — Window Into the Past

PeggySue King — Witness the Conception of World Peace

Linda Laird — L’Homme de L’Ouest (Man of the West)

Janine LeBlanc — Be a Good Girl

Rita Legere — Sacred

Kathy Litchtendahl — Heaven To Me

Linda MacDonald — Medicine Lodge Creek

Virginia O’Donnell — Great Grandmother ‘Nortie’

Cathy Ortelle — Abilities with Disabilities

Jeri C. Pollack — Ingenuity

Barb Pozek — 1641-2008

Suanne Reed — A Place For Him Too

Robin M. Robboy — Warhol Family Matzo Ball Soup

Scarlett Rose — Dream Self

Merri Jo Schroeder — Great Aunt Rose

Cindy Sisler Simms — Elements, Spirits & One With Mother Earth

Louisa L. Smith — Roots

Elizabeth Warner — Her Coat of Many Generations

Nanette Zeller — Mardi Gras


2 Responses

  1. Hi Ann, this is Wanda and Alex from Blacks Harbour NB.You stayed with us at our B&B this summer. Hope you had a great trip here in the maritimes. Been looking at your artwork and it is beautiful .You are one crestive lady and an inspiration to many .It was good meeting you and your husband and come back to visit us if we are still here. I will visit your website again sometime .Hope all us well with you both .Ttfn. Blessings from Wanda.

    • Thank you Wanda, for the kind words. We enjoyed our visit with you in your beautiful home. Please send our regards to Alex. 🙂

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