EPU II at Crystal Coast Review

Thank you Jennifer Allen of the Carteret County News-Times for this wonderful article about Cultural Cloth and the Crystal Coast Quilters Guild.  Click  on the links to view the article in a new window.

Carteret County News-Times 1

Carteret County News-Times 2

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Thank Thank you Diane for the lovely review of E Pluribus Unum II at the Crystal Coast Quilters Guild show.  I’m so happy you enjoyed the exhibit and that its mission to highlight the many cultures that make America great is a success

Click image to view

I’m one of those who was fortunate enough to make it to the quilt show to see this exhibit and am extremely happy I was there.

Although of uniform size, the quilts themselves were as varied as the makers and their stories.  Some used symbolism, many used family heirlooms such as handmade lace or native costume ribbons that trimmed them, and almost all used photos  They were bright, somber, colorful, subdued and all nuances in between.  I took time to read each statement and enjoyed the connections to the past whether through a single individual or national heritage.  One thing I especially noticed was how often it was a female family member.  My favorite was the Irish quilt, but that’s because I have Irish background!

I’ve watched some of the “Who do you think you Are” episodes which started me wondering about some of my family history and seeing the quilts just made me that much more curious.  Guess it’s time to add geneology to my list of pursuits.

If any of you have an opportunity to see this exhibit or are in a position to bring it to your community, I would definitely encourage you to do so.  Knowing where — and who — we came from helps us know who we are and where we want to go.  And you have great art at the same time!  OK, that’s my 2 cents worth and humble opinion!


NOTE:  For ease of shipping and hanging the exhibit, one of the requirements to participants was to keep the quilts uniform in size.

If you would like to share your impression of E Pluribus Unum II or the Cultural Cloth workshop, please do so in the comment section below.


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