EPU III: let the healing begin

E Pluribus Unum III:  let the healing begin    epu iii

E Pluribus UnumOut of Many, One.  This is the motto of America.

Yet, racism is experiencing a resurgence.  An inability to accept a variety of lifestyles is now the national conversation. People with disabilities continue to be excluded. A country created of cultures from around the globe, we now expect our leaders to provide political discourse over immigration.

We are a country built on the respect of one another’s views, whether we agree or not.  Race, Creed, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Disability are of no matter to E Pluribus Unum.

We are the Many…We are the One.

Please consider participating in E Pluribus Unum III:  let the healing begin quilt art exhibit.  Join me in expressing to the world, and with the world, how Humane we can be to one another, how Love can heal our tears, how Art can repair the tears in our national fabric.

The E Pluribus Unum III .pdf entry form can be found here.  The EPU III .doc entry form can be downloaded here.

Deadline for entry:  Ongoing

Fee:  US $10 for each entry, for up to two entries per artist.

Medium:  fiber/quilt art

International entries are welcome!

Restrictions:  there are NO size restrictions. All entries will be exhibited online, with live venues announced as they are arranged.  Gallery representatives will have control of selection of works to suit their space.  If you wish your work to be included in live events, please consider shipping as the artists will bear the cost of shipping.

The Cultural Cloth workshop is available to coincide with exhibit arrangements.

Questions:  EPUIII.culturalcloth@gmail.com

This is the third exhibit of the EPU series.  The previous exhibits are E Pluribus Unum, which went on to become a component of the US Coast Guard Diversity Training Program, and E Pluribus Unum II: Cultures in Cloth were viewed by many thousands from around the world.

Please submit positive comments below that will be posted upon approval. And LIKE us on Facebook!

Thank you for being part of EPUIII.


4 Responses

  1. I look forward to being part of EPU111 because of its importance on so many levels. As a participant of E Pluribus Unum, the meaning of our country’s motto was enriched because of the mental, emotional and spiritual energy it took creating “From the Stars”. I expect that same kind of experience as I dig deep making this new quilt. Ann Flaherty’s vision and attention to details in her projects ensures these expressions of healing in cloth will find respect and meaningful exposure. Happy to be here!

  2. Thank you Sherry…I’m so happy you are participating in EPU III, as well and look forward to seeing your artistic input to this very important exhibit.

  3. Oh Ann, I have such wonderful memories of your past challenge (the one I ended up not having confidence to turn back in). I always wanted to enter another one, so I am going to try hard to get one finished. Hugs and Happy Thanks Giving! Anne Copeland

    • Hello Annie,
      I’m so happy you will be participating in EPU III! And, please do not worry about individual capabilities. All pieces are welcome and will be included in this online exhibit. This is an exhibit about positive spirit. Looking forward to your entry.
      Ann F.

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